10 military habits that make soldier awesome

Walking fast
You might be doing a great job of blending in to your civilian surroundings, but your walk is always going to give you away. Military personnel walk with a purpose, as if their trip to the grocery store is actually a Pentagon press briefing.

They are extremely polite
The soldiers never discriminate among people when it comes to politeness. A shopkeeper would get the same amount of respect that a Colonel would. All thanks to the military discipline.

Broke your habit of getting a high and tight? Good for you. But that leaves you two options: the fade and the classic “officer or pilot hair.” Yes, we see you pushing the edges of the “three inches on the top” rule as proscribed in Army Regulation 670-1.

Eating fast
Habits are hard to kick. And rarely in the military did you ever have ample time to appreciate your food even if you wanted to.

The power stance
Non-commissioned officers and officers are easy to spot: Just look for the person attempting to own the room through the “thumbs through the belt power” stance or the “crossed arms and not leaning against anything” stance.

Sleeping anywhere
Military personnel can sleep approximately anywhere, in any weather, on anything. They also come out of it rapidly and coherently, which paid dividends for the people aboard the Paris-bound train with the gunman aboard who was overpowered by two U.S. service members.

Scanning crowds
Go to a party and you’re bound to see the one person who is constantly scanning usually somewhere where they can see the whole room. And God help the person acting suspicious because the military promotes being confrontational.

Congratulations, you’re not wearing Oakley’s or G.I. frames. Well done. But you’re still wearing sunglasses all the time.

Just try not to say “roger” or “negative” in conversations. Just try. Eventually, your language will out you

Their determination and courage is unmatched
The military personnel have so much determination for whatever they do. No task is big or small; they put their 100% in everything that they do. Their courage is something that inspires other people to be like them.

They are unbelievably punctual
So they have this really unbelievable punctuality. 1800 hours, for them, can become 1755 hours but not 1805 hours. They will always be on time, irrespective of the event, etc.