10 Ways to Boost You Confidence before a Personal Interview

Interview, the process used by various selection panels to access the calibre of a person by talking and getting the cream of a candidate’s previous and upcoming life. Many candidates find it hard to gather sufficient confidence to face personal interview.

Here we are having a dose to boost up your confidence level in order to face personal interview.

1. Practice of talking in the language preferred in interview
As English being accepted has the international language, even in the interview English is preferred. Some feels hard to speak English continuously which leads to the pauses and sometimes stammering while talking. As the great proverb says “practice makes man perfect” which is true in everyone’s life that is because our mind stores everything which is done or seen or practiced repeatedly.

2. Divert your mind
Everyone might have come across the situation where one gets nervous during the time when one is asked to wait for the significant time. When you are waiting outside the room for the interview, it is common that everyone gets nervous and tensed. In this situation you must divert your mind to some other topic so that you can reduce your tension and nervousness.

3. Think of your parents and happy moments
Think of your parents and happy moments where you can come out of your nervousness and make yourself bold from inside. This will help you to gather sufficient confidence.

4. IO is also a common man
Always remember that IO is also a common man who has come across all this tasks during his early times. He is also a common man so no need to be scared of him during the interview. He is going to ask the basic questions about you and your goal so no need to be scared about him.

5. SSB interview is a lesson for life
Whether you get selected or not in the interview you have many things to learn from the SSB interview. Your achievement is your award. And your current performance will lead you to your achievement.

6. Prepare from mock interviews
The preparations for the interview must be to the maximum level. Preparing from mock interviews may help you to come out of your nervousness and tension. All personal interviews have some basic common questions that were asked as introductory questions like how are you, where have you came from, why do you want to join this service etc. one should prepare these questions to make a good impression on the IO and spark a good start up.

7. Regular updates about the issues globally
Have a habit of reading newspapers which updates you with the day to day issues. Always be updated with the national and international issues regarding military conflicts. Keeping in touch with current affairs and general knowledge will help you answer the question asked in interview and make you prepared for interviews leading to confidence strengthening.

8. Adding regular exercise in your daily routine
Make a practice of doing regular exercise and yoga into your daily routine. Make a practice of going to morning walk which keeps you fit and strengthens the body.. A healthy mind can face any challenge with strength. Exercise improves physical stamina as well as mental capability leading to a perfect body and mind.

9. Focus on your aim
Whatever the situation is do not withdraw your aim or goal. In order to achieve your goal you must work hard and also sacrifice some of your leisure time. And you have to be prepared to face any situation to achieve that aim. Focus on your ambition, stabilise your mind and be normal to go through it.

10. Repeat the slogan
“YES I HAVE IT IN ME” Repeat this slogan as much as you can. The more you recall it within your mind, the more Josh and Zeal you will experience within yourself. You are the best motivator of yourself.

So from now, don’t bother about the tension or the questions to be asked in the interview. Instead, focus on enhancing your will power, so that you can reply to each and every question with full confidence and knowledge.