13 Best Tips For Being A Good Listener In SSB

Listening is an active process that requires you to anticipate a message, set a purpose, make and confirm predictions and inferences, interpret, summarise, evaluate and analyse the information you process. Listening is a very important factor in SSBs as what the officers say you; indirectly they try to take it back from you in the form of GTOs.

1. Eye Contact
Eye contact keeps you focused and involved in what the speaker says.It helps you to analyse other candidates’ point of view.

2. Ask Good Questions
In case if you didn’t understand what the speaker spoke about the topic, ask him the relevant questions which give you the exact description about the topic.It is a good idea to rephrase the speaker’s words so that you can be sure that your understanding is correct.

3. Two Ears One Mouth
Don’t be distracted during the session. Keep your ears open to their speech and give back the answers in a relevant way. Don’t interrupt when others are speaking.

4. Have Open Body Language
Maintain your body gestures. Sit straight, don’t lean, and don’t indulge in other activities.

5. Be Approachable and Non Judgemental
While your listening to others speech doesn’t be judgemental be approachable so that it can make the GTO’s interesting rather than making it as a fish market.

6. Confidentiality
When it’s your turn to speak be confidential and talk boldly so that you can deliver your speech without any interrupt. Always be clear in delivering your point of view to the others in acceptable way.

7. Have Good Motivations
When you are giving out your speech, make sure you include some of the motivational sentences in the speech. Motivate others also to give out the motivational ideas and make GTO interesting. Clap or give a smile when someone gives a valid point so that he can be motivated to bring out new topics.

8. Be attentive
Keep an open mind and stay focused on the speaker and the topic. Pay attention to the person who is speaking. Do not get distracted while you listen.

9. Recognise Your Power Footprint
First and the foremost recognize all your positive and negative things of yourself in delivering a speech. Avoid all the negative points and keep hold on the positive points and make sure to deliver a valid point.

10. Understand Expectations
As soon as the topics are told, don’t start speaking. First think what are the valid points regarding the topics. Try to understand the expectations of the GTO officer and try to bring out the speech on valid point. Never dominate others during the GTO.

11. Stay Focused
Make sure your mind is focused. Your mind may wander if you think you know what the person is going to say next. But you might be wrong. If you feel that your mind is wandering, change the position of your body and try to concentrate on the speaker’s words.

12. Listen Completely
Do not interrupt the speaker because it will disturb the line of thought. Moreover, when you interrupt, it looks as if you are not listening, even if you really are. Wait till the speaker has finished speaking before you ask your question.

13. Avoid Emotional Involvement
Try to remain objective and open-minded. When you get emotionally involved in the conversation or speech, you tend to hear what you want to hear not what is actually being said.