13 Brave Women Who Joined First Batch Of Indian Air Forcen

Who told women are fit only to handle kitchen? It was an early age where women were not allowed to step out of the home for any reason. Girls were married and were handling only the households. Even in that situation these 13 women showed that women can achieve anything and are equal to men. Many women blame the early ages of course that is also a reason but when you are decided to achieve something in life you have to sacrifice certain things which are gained back after the achievement. These brave 13 women are the one who took the initiative to join the Indian air force and to be an air warrior for life. Apparently the batch was started on 19.07.1993 and it was the first batch of women to get trained in the Indian Air Force academy.

Names of those 13 Brave Women

  • Flight Cadet Harita Kaur Deol
  • Flight Cadet Archana Kapoor
  • Flight Cadet Anisha Sinha
  • Flight Cadet Bindu Sebastian
  • Flight Cadet Pamela Rodrigo
  • Flight Cadet Priya Paul
  • Flight Cadet Priya Nalgundwar
  • Flight Cadet Shweta Mishra
  • Flight Cadet Sabita Bano
  • Flight Cadet Anupama Rao
  • Flight Cadet C.K. Veena
  • Flight Cadet R. Laxmi
  • Flight Cadet Anjana Achutan