13 Psychological Life Hacks to Clear the Interview

Inspiring words by Gautama Buddha- “The mind is everything. What you think, you become”. Your mind and heart is the reason for every failure and success in life. If you decide you can make it to your goal then there is no chance of failure in life. The person has to come across with many difficulties to achieve the decided goal but apart from the difficulties make you mind and heart strong to desire the goal. In order to excel in the interview, the candidate needs to be in touch with his/her own personality and of their surroundings. The following psychological life hacks will help you in performing better in the SSB interview.

1. Cognitive reframing
Reframing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts is very important. It is a psychological technique used to identify negative thoughts, and reframing those thoughts into more positive challenges. Before entering into the interview room, remove all your nervous or convert it to positive thinking. Before your interview starts, instead of thinking it to be a threat, perceive it as a challenge which you have to overcome.

2. Control your emotions and thoughts
Always have control in your emotions and thoughts from negative thinking. Preparing your mind is very easy job than any other job in this world;the preparation begins from your mind to heart. Always instruct your mind that you are feeling happy in return everything will turn positively.

3. Attitude matters most
Attitude decides your faith. Attitude towards your elders have different segment in life and attitude towards passion has different segment. You have come out of your stress without changing your behaviour. It is not possible to answer the entire question properly but you can try to avoid such situations.

4. Eye contact
The movement you enter the interview room, try to have exact eye contact with the IO during the interview period. Maintain proper eye contact shows your confidence level and the most important thing is the officers come to know that you are not lying to them in any circumstances. But don’t stare or gaze hard at the IO. Look at their eyes long enough to notice what colour they are.

5. Chewing gum before the interview
Researchers from St. Lawrence University found that gum-chewing benefits working memory, episodic memory and general information-processing speed. The chewing motion makes it easier to focus and concentrate. Chewing some gum before the interview may help you focus, remember important information and it helps to combat the stress and nervousness. But remember to spit it out before entering the interview room.

6. Try to have a smile on the face during the entire interview period
The moment you enter the room till the end of the interview try to have a smiley face which makes the IO feel to interview you. Smiling from time to time (wherever appropriate) makes you feel more relaxed and cheerful. Smiling indicates that you are cheerful and connect with people easily.

7. Posture
Stand up straight, avoid slouching, keep your hands out of pockets, and head held up high. It’s not just a cliché — you literally feel better. You must remember to maintain the posture the entire interview duration.

8. Dress sensibly
Your outlook is the one which decides your character and also a good impression on you. If your clothes create an initial unfavourable impression, you’ll have trouble neutralising it during the interview. If you look good, you feel good; and if you feel good, you’ll do well.

9. Etiquettes
Maintaining etiquettes during the interview is most important to decide his faith. Before entering the room, gently knock on the door. You can politely ask if you can come in- enter only when you are asked to, with confidence.

10. Believe in your capabilities
You must believe in yourself that you can do well in achieving in your goal. You must believe that you have the capability to achieve your goal. Do not under estimate yourself by comparing with others. Always remember each one has different qualities and capabilities.

11. Express your emotions
Use your emotions to allow the IO to have a better understanding of yourself. Describe your feelings as and when appropriate. Avoid extreme emotions such as anger, sentiments, etc. Use your body language as a part of your emotional expression. Avoid giving political opinions. Remember, armed forces are always apolitical and above board.

12. Be Truthful
While filling your PIQ forms,bevery careful, do not lie about your hobbies, goal etc. your basic questions start from your PIQ forms. You want to portray yourself as morally trustworthy since your reputation is at stake. Be respectful towards the other person with whom you’re speaking and be sensitive towards others’ feelings.

13. Positive thinking
Positive thinking is one of the biggest weapons for every candidate during the interview because it always stresses out the tension. Having a positive mindset is vital. Positive thinking helps in combating negative thoughts, it elevates one’s mood and it helps us to focus on the bright side of life. It motivates us towards success. While you are waiting for your interview to start, keep these tips in mind as they will help you combat stress and anxiety.