4 personality development tips for success at SSB

Live life with positivity
Life is very small and hence every second of it should be spent wisely. It should not be the case that one is wasting life. Positive thinking even at difficult situations can help in coming out and this approach changes the way one looks and live the life. Thus it helps in improving your psychological responses.

Controlled body language
Body language is the reflection of ones personality before anyone can speak up things. It always help individual to perform better at places. It also tells many traits and thus assessors make it important tool to assess at SSB to know about one’s personality.

Self-introspection of self
This is a technique where one assess himself or herself w.r.t OLQ’s by studying life events. In times to come it will be the only key to success at SSB. Many a times aspirants have complaint to me by dropping personal mail that everyone says do introspection while guiding us but no one has done it for us and made our profiles while teaching or guiding in large groups. Suggestion for such people is that always look for individual guidance so that personality could be properly assessed and there is full time dedication for self.

Learning from failures
There is so much to do in today’s era that even if one failure comes one should pick up the learning and perform in the next go. There might be many dreams that will be fulfilled while others may not but one should move ahead with constant pace.

Serving the motherland is the dream of many but only few are lucky enough to achieve that and fulfil it. This does not mean that only few individuals have the OLQ’s and the capability to succeed or the selection process is quite tough but it means that few work in right direction and under right guidance while other few are obstructed by wrong guidance and path that they follow.