5 Days Procedure of AFSB Interview

AFSB interview or Air Force Selection Board interview is a recruitment process under which candidate skills are tested intellectually, physically, psychologically and through group activities. There is only one way a candidate can get qualify for AFSB interview, he/she has to clear the written exam called AFCAT.

In private sector or other competitive sector human resources depends on the philosophy of ‘Best Fit’ whereas in Indian Armed Forces selection is based on the philosophy of ‘Right Fit’. There are three major ways of testing candidates as per AFSB perquisite standards:

  • Physiological test
  • Interview test
  • Group test

AFSB selection process is conducted for 5 days for screened in candidates.

Day 0: Registration/Reporting Day
On this day, you need to report at the provided SELECTION CENTER. The JCOs will check your documents original as well as attested photocopies of your mark sheets from 10th standard onwards. If some important document is missing, unfortunately, you will have to leave the selection center at that very point of time and the Defence Vehicle will drop you at the railway station without TA/DA.

If you have all the documents, you will be required to fill up 3 forms viz. Identification Form, Travel Allowance Form (if you are fresher for that particular entry) and Marks Card. You will have to attach the original travel tickets to the form for you being eligible for the Travel Allowance. This documentation finishes then you have Commanding Officer’s speech in which he will make you aware about the procedure and schedules for the next 5days and also about the rules and regulations you need to follow when you under testing. Then you have your dinner (under normal condition when the reporting time is 2pm). You are provided with a bed where you can rest and prepare for the next D-DAY.

Day 1: Screening Tests
The next day normally starts at 6.30 A.M. You need to get ready and have breakfast and gather at the assembly point. The test normally starts at 7A.M. The test includes basic set of questions that will check your aptitude that is required for an Officer. It includes reasoning, quant, verbal ability etc. There are 2 tests of approximately half n hour each. These are called verbal and non-verbal tests.

Details of the same I’ll provide you in my subsequent articles. After these tests finish, you undergo PPDT. PPDT is Picture Perception and Description Test. In this test, you are shown a hazy black and white picture for 30 seconds and then in 4 minutes, you need to write a story about that picture. After this, you go and have lunch and those who are eligible for TA get that. After the lunch, the result is announced, those who make it, remain in the selection centre for further testing for 4 days and those who do not make it, are dropped to the railway station.

Day 2: Psychological Tests
The next day starts like the previous day. During this day, you undergo psychological tests. These are as follows:

  • Thematic Appreciation Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self-Description Test

The interviews are lined up for some candidates so they are not allowed to leave the premises. The other candidates are allowed to visit the city.

DAY 3 & 4: GTO Tasks
In this test, your ground skills are checked. This test is taken care of by GTO OFFICER(s). The details are worth mentioning which are as follows:

  • GDs
  • Military Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half Group Task
  • Final Group Task
  • Lecturette
  • Command Task
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Snake Race

Then the interviews of all the remaining candidates take place within these two days.

DAY 5: Conference Day
On this day, wear the best dress you have..!! :p Nobody knows the final result. Every candidate is called in the conference room and asked few questions about the stay, the food etc. This is the first time all the TESTING Officers meet and decide your FINAL FATE. After all the candidates have undergone this procedure, you will have lunch and after the lunch, the time comes for the TIME you have been waiting for all your LIFE…!! "FINALY SELECTED CANDIDATES" All the other candidates are dropped at the railway station.

The, then, selected candidates undergo MEDICAL EXAMINATION further for 5 to 6 days. If they are found physically fit, they just have to pray to see their name in the final merit list. If there is some defect or disease is found in the candidate, who can be cured, they are provided with 40 days’ time for that cure and then they will have to report again to the nearest Military Hospital. But if there is some permanent defect in the body viz. flat foot, knocking knees etc. then he/she is declared as not medically fit for the armed forces.