7 interview etiquettes candidates should know

The Personal interview is one of the three techniques that are framed to access the calibre of a candidate. An aspirant must always be aware of the etiquettes

Here are 7 main interview etiquettes that a candidate must follow:

Proper entry with good dressing
Your outlook is the first to be noted always in an interview. If your well dressed and enters the hall with proper manner then your half job is done. Always remember some people judge you by your dressing sense, the way you choose the colour combination and the way you wear it. Apart from this one more thing which is noted in the interview hall is you’re the way entry into the hall.Whenever you entry into the hall keep up the basic manners. Polite voice coupled with gentle entry is the best way to enter the interview room.

Eye Contact
The most important thing to maintain always in an interview is to keep eye contact with the interviewing officer while you are answering to their questions. This not only shows your alertness but also shows your confidence.

Posture is most important while you are sitting on the chair, moving out of the room and the way of sitting position in the entire interview period. Shaking legs, biting nails, non-erect posture, etc. should be avoided. These traits show non-presence (mentally), lack of interest or lack of social moral values.

Hand movements
Hand movement should be as low as possible. Try to bind your palm with your legs. Don’t over shake your hand, this shows your confidence level is low.

Talking Style
Always have fluency in your language.Speaking louder, or in a lazy way, fumbling, confusingly speaking, correcting yourself again and again, might take your chances of selection down. Talkingin a proper manner, matters most in the interview than all other etiquettes.

Mild smile
Having a smile on the face is always important. The smile on the face covers your tension, dilemma, nervousness during the interview. Personal interview has some questions of enjoyment, seriousness and more, but candidate must keep a smile on the face.An officer has to be cool minded in all kinds of situations. An unstable mind can take the entire team to into a problem.

Total attention
Paying total attention to the interviewing officer shows your attentiveness. It is the most important quality that an officer must possess. Always focus on the expression of the IO when he is asking a question so that you will have an idea how the officer is expecting an answer from you. Answering irrelevant or out of topic will reduce IO’s interest in you. Keep the conservation, comprehensive and crisp.