7 Tips to be positive

Every person wants to a lead a life full of happiness and have a positive outlook. Many a times we feel our thoughts flying in despair thinking of what better could’ve been done to avoid that particular situation in life for e.g., how an interview could’ve been handled better. This is a negative state of mind. This is where one needs to show a positive approach which is one of the Officer Like Qualities (OLQ ), a terminology so popular in the Army. Being positive not only makes you self-confident but also gives you a feeling of intense satisfaction on whatever you do.

Here are 7 tips on how you can inculcate a positive outlook:

  • Think positive: Always have a positive thought process. This improves your self-confidence which is one of the most important qualities sought for in candidates headed for a career in defence.
  • Relate to positive people: Always have positive people around you which improves your self-confidence and increases your positive thoughts. Since this is not always possible the alternative is to limit your interaction with negative people.
  • Develop and exhibit self-confidence: Happiness in life will follow when you develop the skill of facing problems with a positive mindset. Every problem has a solution. A positive thought process will lead to improved self-confidence.
  • Peaceful mindset: Always try to keep your mind calm and peaceful. A peaceful mind can better analyse a problem and come out with possible solutions.
  • Accepting failures: Every person needs to have the courage to accept failures as a stepping stone to success.
  • Dream Big: Always dream big, but remember only dreaming doesn’t help to achieve your goal. You have to work hard to achieve your dream.
  • Take responsibility for your Character: You should always take responsibility for your character which includes your own thoughts, outlook and choice. These determine a persons character.

Self-introspection is very important in one’s life. Negative mindset is always a drawback in the person’s charecter. So try to develop the skill of positive thinking which makes a person to analyse issues and find solutions.