7 tips to overcome stress and nervousness in job interview

Stress is like a companion for any interview and with stress, nervousness comes as a free gift. The problem with stress and nervousness is that they are too much of the ‘can’t live without each other’ type, so no matter how hard you try to get over one, if one is there, other will follow soon.The issue is that only the person, who faces it, knows how difficult it is to get past. The more you try to avoid stress, more it’ll cling on your mind like a leech. An Interview is a very difficult occasion for all the aspirants. Especially if you know that how important an interview is?

Here are 7 Tips to Overcome Stress and Nervousness in Job Interview

Even the interviewer is also a human
Don’t be panic during the interview time, even the interviewer is also a human. Be well prepared and don’t be over stressed and nervous. Just think that you are having a decent conversation with an elder. Maintain certain boundaries and give ample respect.

Be focused
Concentration is the key here. Many candidates fail to understand that. The interviewing officer starts asking you comprehensive questions.You are supposed to answer them in order. No matter with how cool mind you go in, once you start losing track of what he asked, you are sure to get nervous and stressed. Concentrate on what he is saying, relate the questions and be as much accurate as possible. Of course it is not a memory test but a decent concentration is expected.

Expectations bring free stress
If you are expecting too much out of your interview, you’ll end up disappointing yourself. There are certain things beyond our control, so just let it be.

That glass of water
They know that candidates get stressed, so they keep a glass of water. Certainly if you pick it up, they won’t deduct your marks. Water can do wonders! It’s your best friend at that point of time!

Take a break
If you are too stressed, you can simply say, just a minute sir. Take a deep breath and start answering again. This is absolutely allowed.

It is very important to smile. You’ll feel an instant stroke of confidence if you smile. You’ll be amazed how relaxed and calm you feel.

Be comfortable in your skin
The major thing is to wear and sit in a posture that you are comfortable in. Sit upright but not awkwardly. It is absolutely allowed to move your hands a bit. The more normally you sit the better. Stress comes once you are not comfortable in your skin.