8 Powerful Tricks to Boost Your Confidence before the Interview

What is confidence? Why is it so important?

All this questions may arise, when someone imparts it more or advices about it. Confidence is a something believing in oneself or one’s power or abilities.When we talk about self -confidence, we basically are referring to our self- efficacy.Coming to the interviews, we all know how much anxiety an interview or an interactive session (which pretty much decides your future) can evoke. Imagine yourself sitting outside the IO’s room or the Conference Room. Your feelings are literally at the extremes. You either feel numb, or you go through mixed emotions. You’ll end up feeling nervous, excited, anxious, scared, joyous, all at the same time. Sitting outside the interview room, it’ll probably hit you that this is the moment that you’ve waited for so long. You wouldn’t really want all the anxiety and the apprehension to just ruin it all for you, would you?

A confident candidate is any day likely to do better than a candidate who is unsure of himself/herself. From the moment you walk into the Interview Room, each fibre of your body should scream that you are confident and sure of yourself. Don’t forget that it’s one of the Officer Like Qualities (OLQs).

Therefore, I’m suggesting some tricks that you can use while you wait for your interview to start!

1. Do not think too much
Before attending the interview, don’t think too much about the interview. Be well prepared and gain your self-confidence. Do not over react about the type of questions they are going to ask. Do not be in confused state or don’t confuse yourself with the questions like what if, how will they, how are they etc. Don’t make the situation more complicated for you by dwelling in such thoughts.

2. Maintain your non-verbal communication
Do not have a wrong assumption in your mind that the IO will decide you to screen in only through answers. The IO’s are always look around a person in all the aspects. For example your communication, your postures while entering the room, leaving the room during the interview period, your gestures must be maintained properly. To overcome this type of situations, practice mock interviews or practice speaking in front of the mirror.

3. Have positive thinking
When you are waiting outside the room for your interview keep your mind fresh and your heart happily. It is 5 day interview procedure, where you have to stay away from your loved ones, families and friends. All this must not disturb your mind and heart during the interview, stay calm and think about all the happy moments which may release your stress and make you feel better.

4. Superman pose
This topic may find funny or weird but there is a fact that standing in superman pose before doing anything significant and important helps you feel better and confident about yourself. The superman pose causes a decrease in cortisol level of 25%. So 10 minutes before your interview starts, go somewhere private and for 2 minutes stand in the superman pose. Be self-assured.

5. Gaining confidence
When you are nervous during the interview, try to think of previous situation where your self-confidence helped you during the significant times. That inspiring situation might help you gain your lost confidence and make you feel better for a success start in the interview.

6. Revise before going to the interview
When you are waiting out of room for the interview, revise all the major points and go through the book “Lets crack the SSB interview” which is recommended for the aspirants. Try to recall all the military issues going around globally. You should be clear about each word that you had written in your Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ), so just rehearse whatever you had written and any other major fact and detail that you have to remember.

7. Do not underestimate yourself
Try to think of all the situations where you are capable of doing anything. Try to think of all the positive things that your friends, family, colleagues and your teachers have said about you. It’s the best way to remind yourself that you are capable of doing good and great things in life. You will instantly feel positive and confident about yourself.

8. Enjoy the entire interview
Once you are done with the interview feel happy that you have made it to the interview and you have done your best. Your hard work, effort, dreams etc. are going to ripe you the fruit. With positive thinking, try to enjoy the moment and have a confidence that your dream might come true.Later in life this’ll be one of your fondest memories, provided you believe in yourself and follow the above tricks!