9 Creative ways to convince the Interviewing Officer

In the SSB, the interview plays a very crucial role, because during the interview process the focus of the Interviewing Officer (IO) is completely on the candidate.The candidate’s skills while working as a team member and other leadership qualities are assessed. So in the interview, the IO is now interested in the candidate, his/her life, his/her ambitions, his/her capabilities, his/her reason to join the Forces and his/her potential contributions to the Forces.

1. Pay attention to what you write in your PIQ form.
Filling a form is more important during the interview; most of your questions are raised from PIQ forms which are filled by the aspirant by themselves. Fill it with neat handwriting, without overwriting, no cuttings and scratches on the form. No bluffing and lying when the questions are regarding the hobbies, daily routines etc.

2. Your actions need to convince the IO rather than your words.
When you say that you are passionate to join the Armed Forces or you wouldn’t think of any other job but to be an Armed Forces Officer or that this what you’ve always wanted to be and wanted to do then your actions need to be in sync with it.Verbal convincing isn’t good enough. Your actions need to be convincing.

3. Strengthen your knowledge about the Armed Forces.
Whenever you areattending any interview, one should have a common sense that he/she has to prepare for the interview related to the job he/shehasdecided to join. When it comes to armed forces you have to be aware about all the country issues going on around the world.It also becomes all the more important if you belong to the Defence background.

4. Be aware of your surroundings and the world.
You need to be aware of what is happening in the world around you. So the current affairs, the news it all becomes very important. Know about the latest news regarding the military, the political and the financial aspects. It is most important to know what is going on globally and to how it is affected and by whom. This shows your alertness towards one’s nation when he is a citizen of that country.

5. Don’t lose confidence and be yourself.
Confidence is the hidden weapon in everyone’s capability. It is basic weapon to achieve any goal or ambition. Try to convince first that you can get into armed forces before getting into the tests of armed forces.

6. Work on the OLQs present in you.
There are certain qualities and traits that are present in all of us, in varying intensities. The Officer Like Qualities are something that must be there in a candidate to become and Officer. IO always expects or most required qualities to become an officer. Identify which of the qualities are present in you and sharpen those qualities. Try to develop those qualities which are weak.

7. Be realistic and logical.
Always be true to the IO. Be yourself while giving your interview. While answering a trick question be logical.Be careful when you are describing yourself, each word is been judged and noticed along with your reaction and effectiveness by the IO.

8. Remain calm.
Stay calm during or before the interview. Sometimes due to tension or nervousness you may lose confidence and may not perform well in the interview. The IO is always very eager to throw tricky questions on you to make u tensed or nervous, to handle the situation you must stay calm and remain focused.

9. Remain yourself do not over react.
When you are well prepared to face the entire task, then stay calm and react according to the situation. When you get a chance to prove that ‘you have it in you’ and that you are fit for the Forces you don’t want to blow it by trying to overdo the convincing act.