AFCAT maths tips and tricks

Clear basics of maths:
Some basic thing as repeated every time in maths. Now the question arises that what those basics means. Basics means average, ratios, number system, BODMAS, decimals, etc. everybody is aware of these terms and even guarantee their expertise over these topics. But still when they solve sample questions, they find several types of question which are hard enough to solve.

Short tricks saves time:
As maths means speed coupled with accuracy and objective exams don’t need the way candidates solved the question. The only thing required is the correct answer. Ratios and proportion use a cross to multiply in most of the questions. And if we take example of profit and loss questions, solving these questions by taking CP as 100 is the easiest, effective and most used trick to solve these questions and can help candidates to solve questions easily without putting different questions.

Formulas on tips:
As the syllabus of AFCAT is not too wide candidates can easily commemorate the formulas of the topics. If we look at the syllabus of AFCAT, the topic which includes formulas are simple interest and profit and loss. While other topics decimal simplification average percentage ratios and proportion need basics and calculation perfection.

Skip confusing questions:
The standard of maths questions in AFCAT is not too hard. But still the race to complete all questions, candidates sometimes got stuck in some question and confused mind consumes more time and still don’t get answered. Don’t struggle to solve it. Skip it and jump to the next question and continue. If candidates find extra time or get a hind about that question, then only pick that question again. And don’t try to attempt those questions in which you are not sure because negative marking can reduce your score.

Solve sample papers
Practice is the key and rough work is the way to get hold in maths. Formulas can never alone make candidates to solve all kinds of questions. So what candidates need is to practice. Candidates can refer other books for AFCAT from different publications like Arihant, Upkar etc…. Practice hard, and paperwork is most in maths.