Air marshal PN Pradhan AVSM Takes Over As DCIDS (OPS)

Air Marshal P N Pradhan, AVSM has been appointed new Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Operations).

About Air Marshal P N Pradhan Air Marshal P N Pradhan was commissioned in the Air Force transport stream as a pilot in the year 1981. He was closely associated with the induction and operationalisation of Embraer-135 and C-130 fleets in the Indian Air Force (IAF). He had experiences all operational roles whilst posted at transport squadrons. He specializes in forward areas and ALGs in the North-East and J&K.

Pradhan has held four command tenures and various key positions like Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Transport and Helicopters) and Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Personal Airmen & Civilians) at Air Headquarters and served as the Senior Air Staff Officer of Southern Air Command.

For his distinguished service of an exceptionally high order he was awarded Ati Vishisht Seva Medal on 26th January 2014.

About Integrated Defence Staff (IDS): The Integrated Defence Staff and associated structures have been created under the provisions of Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter number MoD/IC/1027/32/IDS/5843/2001 dated 23 November 2001. The Chief of Integrated Defence Staff of the Cgiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) will support the Chairman and the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) in the optimal performance of their role and functions.

Organisational Structure The Inregrated Defence Staff comprises of Service Officers, Civilian Officers and Scientists and they are allocated duties, roles and functions based on responsibilities of Integrated Defence Staff. It is organized into the following major branches:-

  • CISC Secretariat including Scientific Advisor to CISC and Financial Advisor to CISC
  • Policy, Plans and Force Development
  • Operations
  • Doctrine, Organisation and Training
  • Defence Intelligence Agency
  • International Affairs
  • Directorate of Net Assessment
  • Medical Branch

The Headquarters of the Integrated Defence Staff is located in New Delhi. The CISC, his secretariat, and certain other components are located in South Block. The major portion of the Headquarters is located in Kashmir House. The headquarters is staffed by officers and personnel from the three Services, the Ministry of External Affairs/Indian Foreign Service, Defence Accounts Department, Department of Defence (Ministry of Defence) and the Department of Defence Research and Development (Ministry of Defence).