Being Bossy and Being A Leader

Here some qualities listed below to identify the person for being a leader or bossy. Getting into the Leader position is not easy. They must have some qualities within them to lead a team.

The value of integrity as a foundational leadership virtue is inestimable. When you say what you mean and mean what you say, people will trust you implicitly and generally respond in kind. As a leader, it’s important to raise the bar high by personally modelling a standard of truthfulness that demonstrates your deepest morals and values mirror your company’s mission.

People want to work with leaders who truly care about the work they’re doing and wholeheartedly believe they are making a positive difference in the world. You must lead by example and obtain management skills that inspire others to join you in building a great company. Entrepreneurs who exemplify this vision in their day-to-day work lives convey that excitement to those with whom they work, who in turn draw energy from their commitment. Your job is to maintain a happy work environment and continue leading your team with passion and enthusiasm.

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” is a woefully outdated concept. In the twenty-first-century-world of rapid technological and marketplace evolution, you’ll fall behind if you’re not moving forward. The new mantra is constant improvement of your products or services. As an entrepreneur, your decisions will make or break your company. Demonstrate creativity and solicit ideas from your team who can also bring their brilliant ideas to the table.

Leaders are visionaries, and your job as an entrepreneur is to bring your vision to life. It’s one thing to hold that vision in your head, yet no matter how clear it may be to you, your idea won’t become reality unless you clearly express it to those whose can help you make that wish come true. Meet regularly and give everyone with whom you work clear instructions. Praise and reward them whenever they meet and exceed your expectations.

The point of being a leader is not to be at the top of the pyramid or totem pole. Rather, it is to create a successful company that improves people’s lives. Egotistical bosses who regard their employees as interchangeable machine cogs don’t change the world. Strive to be empathetic and treat your co-workers and colleagues the way you want to be treated. Value and respect them, and in turn, they will respect you.

The Thin Line between Being Bossy and Being A Leader

A leader has followers, a boss has servants:
Followers are also like a family to the leader. Remember Hitler had millions of followers while Jesus had only 12?

A leader explains situations, a boss dictates orders:
Every follower must know what he is doing. In case of war, he must know what the plan is and how is it going to be executed whereas just obeying an order without even understanding it might become a decision between life and death.

A leader listens to his followers and takes fair and just judgment, a boss gives orders which must be obeyed willy-nilly:
Always as we stress the importance of good listening in SSB, it holds here too.

A leader works in harmony with his followers, a boss drives his servants to work:
Accept it, no one likes a bossy leader and with the circumstances being in war, you’ll be left alone being bossy and no one will look upon you as a leader.

A leader shows concern and interest in his followers, a boss cares less about anybody’s burden:
That’s what differentiates being an officer in the armed forces and being a leader elsewhere. The leader has to be responsible for the safety of their men, whereas their own safety comes last, always and every time.

A leader is humane and sensitive, a boss resistant to emotions:
As Indian Army believes in, “The best of friends and worst of enemies visit us”, the officers are kind and gentle in peacetime and roaring lions in warfare.

A leader achieves much through the cooperation of his followers, a boss has no cooperation, there is always antagonism achieved:
When no one follows an officer, who will the fellow soldiers fight for? Whereas being a leader motivates his soldiers and encourages them. While a leader makes a success of any project he has at hand, the boss is likely to end up in an unsuccessful way. After all working as a group with everyone’s support even motivates the leader.

A leader is open to correction, a boss claims to know it all:
A leader accepts his faults and mistakes whereas a boss is always overconfident.

A leader says let’s go, a boss says go:
Remember, being a leader is always about the wellness of others and leading from the front.