Cleared NDA Exam: What Next ???

Once the results of NDA are announced aspirants must get ready for the upcoming SSB interview. If you are not aware of war, SSB interview gives the clear description about the war experience. Here we have some points that every candidate who has cleared NDA exam should follow to get him prepared for the upcoming SSB.

Proper Documents
Get prepared for the SSB interview; go through the previous SSB call-up letters to get info about the documents required, no of copies of Xerox and photos. Never miss even single document, check the documents before submitting it. Let the photo and Xerox copies be extra than required which may help during submission.

Practice filling of PIQ forms
A good PIQ is the selection letter from the candidate. So be careful in filling the PIQ form as 90% of the interview is based on PIQ. Always remember what you have written in your PIQ form because the officers judge your past, present, future through the PIQ form. Avoid overwriting, cuttings and make sure you write it with neat handwriting.

Practicing Exercise
Include exercising in your daily routine because the GTO segment of the SSB has some tasks where you need to have a required basic stamina. So make it has a daily routine and maintain your physical stamina stable.

Gathering National and International news
Make a habit of reading newspaper daily. It not only provides knowledge it improves your vocabulary along with continuous reading capacity. In regard to the defence news better try to analyse a bit depth so that it may be useful during the interview when you are asked about the issues.

Practise mock interviews and group discussion
Get into discussion on any topic at least one in a day. Try to collect important topics about defence related or any other issues make it has a discussion or practise writing an essay on it. This may help you to improve your knowledge as well as writing speed so that you can finish your writing within the given time as well as with good handwriting. Practising mock interviews or speaking in front of the mirror may help you to build your confidence level.