Defence Jobs vs. Corporate Jobs

Always there is confusion in many people whether Defence job is better of corporate job is better. Here we will compare both and lets come to a conclusion and see their advantages and disadvantages.

Defence Job Corporate Job
Defence everything is based on a well-defined structure. Corporate is a place where you can rise to a respectable position in a very short span.
Hike in salary is slow. Hike in salary is fast.
Gets promotion after a longer period. Gets promotion within a shorter period.
Job Security No job security
Life is not secured during the wars. No such tension in corporate jobs.
Benefits & Perks No Benefits & Perks
Here you get the chance to work for motherland. Many corporate countries work for foreign countries.
Defence jobs offer you a chance to be a part of the most elite institutions of India. Corporate jobs give you chances to be a part of big MNCs and travel to a number of foreign places.
Defence trainings are the most difficult part. You are grilled mentally and physically to a level that if you are mentally fit for the job then only you’ll be able to sustain. No such hard trainings for any candidate in corporate jobs.
Getting into Defence job is not so easy. Getting into a corporate job is easy compared to Defence.
Fitness is very important in Defence jobs. Fitness is not considered.
Candidate has to leave his home, family and friends and has to work for the country. Here the person can stay with his family and friends.
Has to come across many life risk tasks to save the motherland. In corporate jobs there is nothing like such life risk tasks.
They sacrifice their life to save the country and its citizens. They work for their living.

Every job has its own advantage and disadvantages.No job is inferior and superior. It is up to the candidate or the employee how he takes up the job and does it. But compared to Defence Corporate job doesn’t have to take much risk in their life. But Defence jobs are always greater than any other jobs because the Defence aspirants are the one who are guarding the whole country from enemies. So there is a separate respect to the Defence aspirants in the society. They sacrifice their life in order to secure the country and its citizens.