Do you have it in you ???

The article mainly deals with the self-confidence in a candidate when is ready to face the SSB interview.All of us are familiar with this phrase ‘DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU’ which conveys that whether you possess officer ‘like qualities to lead men in battle.On analysing the above situation, as a leader when you are leading men in battle you should have intellect to analyse the situation and accordingly organize your resources to make your plan. You must have sense of responsibility towards nation and men you are commanding. You should be confident of taking initiative and right decision in adverse conditions. You should have courage to face bullets and mental stamina/determination to sustain anywhere.

To explain about the phrase ‘DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU’ here is an example ofCol. Kulwant Kataria.

“In 2001, I was company commander in J&K sector where we were deployed in anti-terrorists operations role. During winter I have got information from my higher headquarters regarding militant’s presence in nearby village, my quick reaction team was ready and in no time we rushed to the village. On reaching the village I found all the villagers have started fleeing the village and this gave me the first indication about presence of militants in the area. I decided to go inside the village along with few villagers who could guide me to right place and after some distance we could locate the house where they were hiding. Under these circumstances my aim was to kill the militants without any injury to my own troops. So I analysed the situation placed my troops in close cordon but another problem which I had to face the exact location of militants because houses were inter connected so I decided to get hold of few villagers to give me the right input about location so that we could commence our operation. After detail coordination, we started firing on to them and also received retaliatory fire. We continue to engage them in spite of some of our weapons were not effective due to effective range. In the end after heavy exchange of fire for 10 hours we could kill them. Our team as well as civilian did not suffer any causality. For this gallant act, I and two of my subordinate were awarded gallantry award.”

When you feel to join the armed forces, whether you come with the goal of joining into the armed forces or just for an attempt, you will definitely gain an experience as never before and for sure learn something. If not interested to learn then for sure you will make some good friends. You will definitely gain a experience as never before and for sure learn something. If not interested to learn then for sure you will make some good friends.

At the times, when you feel you are not fit for getting into armed forces just think of the phrase Do You Have It in You – Yes, You Can, You Will. Surely you can do your level best in the SSB