Does SSB coaching help ???

Many times many candidates might come out of many questions whether they have to go for any coaching classes or not? Is that really needed?

There are candidates who took SSB coaching and cleared the interview, also there are candidates who took SSB interview coaching two times and still trying to clear the SSB Interview. Candidates who never took any professional SSB interview coaching or neither joined any SSB coaching institute also got recommend from SSB.

No SSB interview coaching institute guarantee 100% success rate, if you think merely joining any SSB Coaching will make sure you clear your next SSB Interview, you are in dark. But that doesn’t mean it will not help you, if you join any good SSB coaching institute you will definitely double your chances of clearing SSB Interview.

You may find candidates including recommended candidates, saying that there is no need of joining any SSB coaching and you can clear the SSB interview without any professional guidance. There are candidates who cleared it without any SSB coaching but what is the %age of them out of total candidates who applies for a particular entry and how many of them cleared it in first go without any coaching. I agree, that repeaters can clear it without any SSB coaching but only if they have ability to learn and improve. If you are a repeater and do not want to join any professional coaching institute then you have to learn it from yourself, you need to analyse your performance and have to improve it.

Advantages of going to coaching classes:

  • You may get clear description about the SSB interview.
  • You will be having a clear description about the procedures and rules.
  • You will be trained in each and every aspect.

Disadvantages of joining the coaching classes:

  • No guaranteed for sure that they might get into the armed forces.
  • Lots of time is been consumed. Example: travelling, getting settled in class etc.
  • You will find difficult in certain issues that what to prepare? and how to prepare?