Does SSB Interview require training

The key to human development is training and learning which can change your thinking and your life. Majority of candidates undermine the power of learning and face the SSB interview without any preparations that is the main reason why the average selection rate is below 10%. When candidates are asked why he/she faced the SSB interview without any preparation,the typical answer has been that they were told that the SSB is looking for the original quality so if they train they loseoriginality. Well this has also been the opinion of majority of assessors, GTOs, Psychologists &IOs . Now the question is when a child is born it comes with very less or no knowledge then the continuous teaching and learning formulate the qualities of that child. It is all about education, self-learning and training which transform the individual to be a better human being. It is not a good idea to face the SSB interview spread over for a period of 6 days which involves various kinds of tests without any preparation. What is the harm in practicing how to give a good lecture to an audience of 10 to 14 individuals?Whatistheharminpreparingwellhowtoeffectivelycontributein a group discussion? What is the harm in learning to write a story in a logical and systematic manner? What is the harm in preparing for questions which may be asked in an interview. The SSB is looking for the demonstrated performance. You do not perform you get no result. It is definitely not a good idea to face the SSB without knowing what is lined up for you and how to excel in every test at the SSB.

If training is not important then how is that repeaters are clearing interview in their 7th or 8th attempt. There are numerous exampleswheretrainingandlearninghelpedcandidatestocomeoutwith flying colours.

Why preparing for SSB Interview is easy?
SSB is the only selection procedure where almost everything what would happen is told to you in advance. It is like getting the question paper well in advance of the examination? Where else can you get such a golden opportunity?

There is a category of candidates who feel that they know everything which is one of the laziest position a man can have . This worldis fast changing if you do not keep up learning with the same pace of change you will be lef tout. “I know everything” attitude comes mostly from the service candidates and people from military backgrounds.TherejectionrateattheSSB for thiscategoryis thehighest.WhatisthatIknowisnotimportantwhatis thatIdo not know is important.

Infactasperanyopinionitisveryeasyforanyaveragepersontoclear the SSB tests, reason being, all the tests that are told to them in advance and these are simple tests andit can be practiced toperfection.

Thereisnoshortcuttolearningandto success and hard work istheonlywayto move forward.

Manyunsuccessful candidates have expressed theirfrustration saying that they were capable of giving better answer and perform better. Nothing can be more frustrating than this position of regret for a lost chance.