Dreams do come true, Never stop chasing it

This article is all about a candidate whose dream was a dream throughout his life time. Kaushik was a young chap from the tinsel town of Odisha. He appeared for the NDA written and cleared it quite comfortably.Eventually the day came he needed to board the train for Allahabad, his SSB centre as a fresher unclear about its technicality. He managed to clear the Screening and stayed back for the rest of the four days. That was the time, which had an everlasting effect on a boy whose dream was to fly till that time as every alternate child has in this world. He was not at all aware of the things he is going to face in the SSB. The known fact was getting screened out. He attempted five times for the SSB but in one or the other way he was screened out from SSB. He had prepared for SSB even having backlogs in his semester but unfortunately he is been screened out in one or the other way. Later on he decided to give up the idea of joining to the force and joined to the IT firm company in Chennai.

There he had 3 months of training which thought him the preparation for the SSB. By getting screened out, he doubted about his own ability and capability. But after 3 months of training he again decided to give a try to the SSB. For his fortunate, this time his interview was in Mysore. He made it to Mysore and started with the test. He was one of the best aspirants in GTO tasks. But this time unfortunately he was screened in. Tears started rolling down of his cheek and he was speechless at that time, at last after filling up the forms, his GTO came to give us AIRFORCE bag and other items that they give to recommended candidates and he said “Kaushik finally you did it, Dreams do come true, Never stop chasing it. Which aircraft would you like to fly?” His training was held in Bangalore; he was very happy and started to fly without the flight.As everyone says our faith is been decided at the time of birth, the same concept was applied in his life. That is because when every test was in fit in each but he was unfit in the medical test, not only unfit for the air force, he was unfit for all the three armed forces. Time is the biggest healer, after the entire struggle somehow he made it to the next level but faith is not in fortune to him.

Inspiring words by Kaushik As I said, time is the biggest healer, here I am sitting in the balcony of mine experiencing the first rain of the season and jotting down my boring fairy tale. I want to say just one thing, I HAVE NO REGRETS. I still have my bookmarks which include the likes of Ssbcrack, Careerairforce, joinindianarmy, nausenabharti, etc. and it will remain like this for the rest of my life. Through the whole journey, I got a whole lot of good friends and even got to meet many young SUKHOI Pilots at IAM, Bangalore and got a glimpse of their life which is going to be one of my unforgettable moments of my life. May be I was not destined for it, and something more fruitful is awaiting me.

Concluding it, I didn’t elaborated my experience of my successful AFSB attempt and my Medicals which I think many would be interested to know, just because I think it’s already a Mini Novel, may be next time. Forgive me for any mistakes as I am not a professional blogger and this is going to be my first so called Blog. Always have faith in your ability irrespective of whatever happens. And for repeaters, just think, only that one step more which is eluding you, never ever stop chasing your dreams.


Here is Kaushik signing off…