Family Background, Does It Really Matter ???

Family background does it really matter? Yes, it is a value addition in some cases. Aspect of family background is always perceived to be major block in the mind of aspiring candidates appearing in SSB.Issue always has pre-conceived negative impact on state of mind of candidates for those who are from lower financial and educational background.

  • SSB interview believes only in confidence and self-esteem of a candidate. Family background is not important for an aspirant to join into the armed forces. Therefore, there is a need to remove thought from mind that candidates from lower background have less chances of recommendation, whereas, it always has positive impact during selection process.
  • What role does family background play?
    During SSB, candidates are judged on demonstrated performance that helps the assessor in assessing his present level and accordingly trainability marks are added to his present level of marks to decide his suitability for the organization. Decision of how much marks to be awarded would vary from candidate to candidate and to award these marks, number of factors are considered but out of all background is one of the major factors which in turn plays key role thereby candidate from lower financial and education background always has edge over candidates from good background having same present level in getting extra marks.
  • SSB interview always believes in the candidate ability. So family back ground doesn’t matter for any candidate. The candidate has to prepare well the SSB according to the procedure. Develop the required skills. Qualified candidate has been selected always.
  • The main use of having a military back ground is that the candidate gets proper instructions about the armed forces interviews and the procedures. But that is not so important for an aspirant.