Frequently Asked Questions By Defence Aspirants

Question: What will be my job profile after clearing SSB and completing training from OTA Chennai ?
Answer: As far as the men are concerned they can opt for any arm in their training period, right from parachute regiment to ordnance or Supply core. It'll depend on your performance in the training and the vacancy in that branch, that whether or not you get it. For ladies, who clear CDSE the choices are limited to Army Air Defence, Signals, Education and Supply. There are no options for technical branches as separate selection procedure for that exists.

Question: Will I be trained with all latest weapons and prepared for combat operations ?
Answer: Men are of course trained and prepared with the arms their branch is concerned with. A basic military training is given to everyone; irrespective of the arm you'll be assigned. If you are taken for infantry for example, you'll be trained for equipment's regarding the same. After getting commissioned, however, officers have to attend a lot of training courses, based on their arms and specific training is given in them.

Question: Will i be posted to borders, coastal regions, and other places like J & K of strategic importance to protect from infiltrations ?
Answer: Of course! You'll be posted as and what your position demands. If you are for infantry you'll be allotted a regiment and you'll have to move with your unit. For supporting arms like AAD, Ordinance etc., you can get peace posting in cities also.

Question: Will i be at desk for some administrative job? If so what exactly will I be administering ?
Answer: As an officer you'll be made capable of handling anything and everything. You'll have to perform based on what you job is asking for. There are many things apart from preparing for a battle which go on in army, although most of it is done to prepare for battles but it involves a lot of administrative work. For supporting arms this work is more. For infantry you can get either field (near the borders) or peace posting. In field you are expected to man the post, this the officers keep rotating from base to forward post. No other commitments, like PT etc. are there. In peace posting there are a lot of activities, and add on posts, which are related to administration like you have be adjutant in rotation, that is administrative. In ordinance weapons are to be managed and thus you have to administer that and in supply rationing etc. they are administrative tasks only.