Habits of Soldiers with Amazing Mental Toughness

Mentally tough people don’t give up or give in when faced with challenging situations. This holds as true for our soldiers as they are always prepared for any kind of adversity that might occur. Soldiers always ready to take up any type of situation at any time.The men in uniforms have to face such adverse conditions and unpredictable situations that being mentally tough is a must for them. Mental toughness or Resilience, as psychologists call it, is the strength to endure hardships.

Positive self-talk
Soldiers always keep their mind stable and relaxed. They always indulge themselves in self-talk. This makes them feel comfortable.Soldiers always indulge in positive self-talk and motivate themselves to stay focused and remain goal oriented.

Value their past
Soldiers never forget their past. Past situations are a good teacher for every soldier. No soldier repeats the same mistake twice, that’s because when something bad happens they view it as an opportunity and learn the things that they didn’t know before.

Exercise to keep them fit
Exercising keeps a man perfect.Research has shown that people who exercise are socially as well as athletically more competent. They interact with people better and they tend to have higher self-esteem. These are the great qualities of a soldier.

Value emotions
It is proven that emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of resilience. Being able to understand and comprehend others’ emotions and to regulate one’s own emotions is essential to be mentally tough. The soldiers are good at understanding and dealing with other people’s emotions as well as regulating and keeping a check on their own emotions. Even though they stay away from their families, they know the value of emotions. They do respect their emotions.

Optimistic, confident and Problem solver
Soldiers always go through tough life esteem, being optimistic and self-confident is very important.Having a positive outlook for a soldier is important since being negative about things isn’t very helpful or productive.Soldiers are also called as great problem solvers.The soldiers don’t waste their time remaining doubtful or complaining and whining about the problems that the face, instead, they make strategies and work out different possible ways to solve a problem. Theyanalyse each and every problem carefully first and then try to solve the problem in their own way.