Hobbies, Extra Curricular Activities and Sports in PIQ Form

Each and every one goes out for playing during their childhood days. Some has a passion over certain sports. It may be an indoor game or outdoor game.Sports define the kind of person you are. If you are involved in indoor games only, it means you are more of an introvert, while if you play no sport then that means you are a dull person. It is however important to develop a habit to play some sport.These activities show that you have a complete, developed personality. If you take part in extra-curricular activities, it shows that you have a desire to learn things out of your academic background also. If you have been taking part in intra and inter college/school events, representing your class/institution then it projects your efficiency and capabilities. Winning games in events shows that you have the potential to be recognized at a level. It also depicts your leadership qualities. All these things are very important from the SSB point of view, as these things form an integral part of an officer’s personality. Being an officer you’ll be expected to not only perform your duty wisely but also to manage a lot of other things. From bunkers to ballrooms, you’ll be expected to master everything. It is said that an officer is perfect in everything.Hobbies tend to relax a person under stress. They make you a unique person and show that you have a habit to engage yourself in developing your mind. Hobbies are something which are not a part of daily work, they are something in which you indulge yourself in your free time. They are something in which you are interested in. There can be a variety of hobbies like reading, dancing, collecting something etc.