How to fill the PIQ Form to Impress the IO ???

Neat handwriting
While filling the form write neatly.You would have seen some dumb students scoring good marks just because they write it neatly, in good handwriting. So A good handwriting is a must for the PIQ. Avoid any scribbling, overwriting or cutting. Write in a good legible handwriting. He’ll be instantly interested in reading your PIQ.

Proof and examples of what you have written
Your experience shines in your PIQ form. For probing the genuineness of your experience, IO may put some questions to get the proof of your actual presence and handling of the situation. Your responsibilities show your leadership. Interviewing officer can ask for some other examples of your responsibilities or any special incident while delivering responsibilities. Some other topic related questions that are usually asked from PIQ are:

Sports: Most interesting match, your captainship in a match, any conflict between players, etc. are some commonly asked questions by the IO

Hobbies: Remember, don’t include any casually playing sports in this section. Time management for hobbies, why do you like doing this thing, how much have you done till now, etc,... Your hobbies are mostly asked in the personal interviews

Responsibilities: Areas of responsibilities, reason behind choosing you for responsibilities, how did you manage the responsibility with other works etc.

Extracurricular activities: Strategies and problems faced while preparing for the event, theme of the event, why only this event etc.

Highlight your achievements
Suppose you were an extra ordinary child and have ample of achievements associated. Of course you should not write everything there. If you are writing too many things, it looks like you are bragging the unimportant things. So if you have more than four-five achievements do not write all of them. Give weight age to the one’s which are more important. If you are writing everything your paper will look like a scribbled piece of jigsaw and it’ll dilute the affect.

Be genuine and honest
Whatever you mention in PIQ should be genuine and written in an honest way. Probing is done on the written matter. Bluffers are easily caught red-handed. So stay on your ground, don’t copy others and analyse yourself to make a clear image of yours in your mind to answers easily about yourself.

Be aware of whatever you write
Your information in PIQ will be asked in the interview to judge your selection. So you should stay aware of the matter you have written. Marks and percentage, special achievements, salaries of family members, position in sports and activities, etc. are to be remembered accurately as mentioned in the PIQ.

Tips to fill PIQ form:

  • Write legibly.
  • Know your personal details and avoid mistakes in basic information.
  • Write true statements and answers.
  • Do remember what you are writing, it may help during interview.
  • Write correct achievements and hobbies, make sure you know about what you have written on the form.
  • Avoid cutting and overwriting.
  • Avoid matching with others PIQ form.
  • Write correct number of total attempts you have done so far.