How to Improve Your Personality for SSB Interview

Personality is the sum total of our habits – physical, mental & emotional. It is that quality which makes a human different from an ape.Personality is neither biological nor natural. It can be developed and improved.Environment plays a considerable role in shaping our personality and attitude. Attitude is acquired in the early stages of life.Your personality changes many times during your life. Although you may not notice it happening, as you grow older behaviours become ingrained. The key to improving your personality is changing behaviours to reinforce good personality traits and limit negative personality traits. Grab your pen and paper and get ready to be introspective.

Attitude which make up the major part of a man’s personality leads to success or defeat in his life. It is seen that development of personality largely depends on the development of attitude. If attitude is hazy, the personality will not be clear. If the attitude is healthy and constructive, then the personality is also healthy.

Hints to improve your personality for SSB

  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Learn something new.
  • Go easy on yourself.
  • Try the “fake it till you make it” mentality.
  • Evaluate your level of success.
  • Have a good,well-built body.
  • Be cheerful.
  • Always have an idea of initiating the conversations with others.
  • Have good professional knowledge and always try to be active.
  • Should not be lethargic.
  • Dress in a decent manner.
  • Think positively.
  • Walk erect, swinging your arms, and breathe deep.
  • Try to improve your voice and make it pleasant.
  • Try to avoid making others fell inferior.
  • Have a good and friendly smile.
  • Talk about things that interest others.
  • Remain cool in adverse conditions.
  • Be always vigilant.
  • Cultivate self-control and humility.
  • Have sympathy for others.
  • Have will power and determination.
  • Think twice before doing or saying anything.
  • Have a wide store of knowledge.
  • Have some common-sense and practical intelligence.
  • Actively participate in the activities of the organization or school you belong to.
  • Cultivate a habit of accepting your mistakes and shortcomings and try to rectify and correct them
  • Be impartial-Should not have extreme views on any subject.
  • Concentrate on one thing at a time.
  • Do not blame others when things go wrong
  • Walk erect, swinging your arms, and breathe deep.
  • Try to improve your voice and make it pleasant.