How to prepare for SSB without coaching

Those who are looking forward for making their career in Defence forces India are always confused about the SSB training, whether they need to join coaching for this or not.SSB will always remain the trickiest and most difficult interview you’ll ever face in your life. Certainly you should not leave any stone upturned to perform well in that. When you passionate about anything, you just want to do all what you can, try all what is possible to make it happen. One such thing is coaching, many candidates rush to join a coaching thinking that this is the guarantee of their success. Here are some ways in which you can prepare for SSB, without any coaching:

Follow a Blog
If you follow a blog which is dedicated to SSB preparation, you’ll get a platform. This platform will help you to associate with other aspirants, share your ideas, get their ideas and plus get the latest topics and expert opinions.

Physical fitness
SSB’s demand a long and tiring day for a continuous period. You need to be fit enough to endure that. Plus if you are fit then you can be perform well in the outdoor tasks. Start by jogging or mild exercise.

Make sure you are surrounded with positive thoughts and try to get a clear description about your family; friends, colleague etc.surround yourself with positive things and deny negative things.You must be aware about the current happenings around the globe.

Manage Time
Make time for you to finish writing and submitting the papers on time during the tests.There are ample of PPT’s for the psychological tests, you can just start by downloading them and practicing. Take random words and write your reaction on that. Take a random picture and build a story around that. Think about real life situations and give your reactions on them. Learn how to write a story in short but give clear description to the story.

Improve your speaking skills
Practice speaking in front of the mirror so that you can find your mistakes in your speech.You definitely need to speak many times in the course of interview. If you can be an effective speaker then, half the battle is won. Lecturette is one such exercise which can improve your speaking skills, as well as help you to gain knowledge about various topics.It is very important to be an effective speaker.

This is the best step in starting the preparation. You must know who you are. By saying that we mean, what all are your strengths and what all are your weaknesses. If you know yourself then only you can work on to make yourself better.