Hi-tech plans to boost security

During a meeting at Mahendranagar in Nepal, officials of Kheri district (India) and Kanchanpur (Nepal) have agreed to a joint survey of their boundaries to resolve border disputes.

An agreement was signed by officials of the two countries, to carry out of a survey of the entire border between Kheri in Uttar Pradesh and adjoining areas of Nepal by a joint survey team.

Safety and security of the survey team in each other’s territory will be ensured.

Construction and repair works over the missing and damaged border pillars would be carried out following odd-even formula. The Nepal administration would repair odd numbers while even number pillars would be maintained by Indian administration.

  • Susta: Indian Army controlled area between Tribenisusta, Nepal and Nichaul, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Kalpani: Although claimed by Nepal as part of Darchula District, Kalpani is controlled by India’s Indo-Tibetan border security forces.
  • Lipulekh: Himalayan pass between India and China near there tripoint with Nepal connecting the North western cornered Byash valley of Nepal and Indian state of Uttarakhand with the old trading of town of Taklakot (Purang) in Tibet.
  • Madhesh: Region of Southern Nepal in the Terai belt.
  • Terai: Lowland region in Southern Nepal and northwestern India that lies south of the outer foothills of the Himalayas, the Siwalic Hills and north of Indo-Gangetic Plain.