Indian Air force Aircrafts (Part I)

SU-30 MKI:
Twin seated twin engine multirole fighter of Russian origin which carries One X 30mm GSH gun along with 8000 kg external armament. It is capable of carrying a variety of medium-range guided air to air missiles with active or semi-active radar or Infrared homing close range missiles. It has a max speed of 2500 km/hour (Mach 2.35).

A single seated air defence and multi-role fighter of French origin powered by a single engine can attain max speed of 2495 km/hour (Mach 2.3). It carries two 30 mm integral cannons and two mantra super 530D medium-range and two R-550 magic II close combat missiles on external stations.

Twin engine, single seated air superiority fighter aircraft of Russian origin capable of attaining max. Speed of 2445 km per hour (Mach-2.3). It has a combat ceiling of 17 km. It carries a 30 mm cannon alongwith four R-60 close combat and two R-27 R medium range radar guided missiles.

Single engine, single seated tactical strike fighter aircraft of Russian origin having a max. Speed of 1700 km/hour (Mach 1.6). It carries one 23 mm six-barrel rotary integral cannon and can carry upto 4000 kg of other armament externally.

Single engine, single seated multirole fighter/ground attack aircraft of Russian origin which forms the back-bone of the IAF. It has a max speed of 2230 km/hour (Mach 2.1) and carries one 23mm twin barrel cannon with four R-60 close combat missiles.

A twin-engine, single seated deep penetration strike aircraft of Anglo-French origin which has a max. Speed of 1350 km /hour (Mach 1.3). It has two 30mm guns and can carry two R-350 Magic CCMs (overawing) alongwith 4750 kg of external stores (bombs/fuel).

The aircraft is capable of performing Para drop, heavy drop, and causality evacuation and can also operate from short and semi prepared surfaces. C-130J is the heaviest aircraft to land at DBO in Aug 2013.

The aircraft is capable of carrying a payload of 40-70 tons up to a distance of 4200-9000 km in a single hop.

A four engine heavy duty/long haul military transport aircraft of Russian origin with a max speed of 850 km/hr. It has a twin 23 mm cannon in tail turret and capacity to carry 225 paratroopers or 40 tonnes freight, wheeled or tracked armoured vehicles.

Twin engine turboprop, medium tactical transport aircraft of Russian origin with a crew of five and capacity to carry 39 paratroopers or max load of 6.7 tonnes. It has a max cruise speed of 530 km/hr.