Learn From the Movie "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN"

Many people have watching movie as a hobby. Watching movie is one of the best hobbies which reliefs our mind, stress and makes feel better. But make a practice of watching war movies which may initiate any people to join into armed forces. If your goal is joining into the armed forces then watching war movies may give you a brief idea how a soldier must be.

Showing the ability of being a Captain, Emotional and Protective Enough
A leader is a person who as to lead his team along with him. There is nothing called as” one man army” during the war. A leader has to move along with the team by consoling them, motivating them, leading them by showing the way ahead. In no situation he was out of ideas and bravery.

Action time
In the commencing 30 minutes of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, a soldier is taking his helmet off only to kiss it after it saved him from a direct hit. The movie well depicts the situation which needs excellent timing, to fire, to load weapon, to wait for Captain’s Order, to run across, even to grunt upon his buddy’s death.

Reality of War
People are getting killed in a matter of seconds. Both sides suffer and there is blood, body parts everywhere.You could see a soldier looking for his right arm which got detached in heavy shelling. Another soldier is lying down; half dead and besides him we could see his intestine which came out as his belly got busted in 0.50 Cal’s firing.

Soldiers Life – Before and During War
You will see how a soldier serves, what he/she do during peacetime. You will also see what they do and what happens to them on war zone. he only difference between life in peacetime and war time is the former will be up to your expectation and the latter will be beyond your expectation.

There is no one like Old War Buddies
Old war buddies always have memories to share within them, the actions sequences and effects will be managed within them just to win over the war. In this movie which is something beyond it shows about the friendship. This movie is a must watch movie for all the armed forces candidates.