Never lose Hope

We all go through seasons in our life, seasons of joy and seasons of sadness and trials. It is in those seasons that we learn a lot about ourselves that we never perhaps even knew before. Sure, those seasons suck, but those that make it out of their hardships come out stronger, and I believe they have a more firmly rooted identity. And no one can tell you who you are or what you went through because; guess what, you were the one that walked through the fire, not them. And you know it.

But it can get pretty annoying sometimes hearing the phrase You’ll come out stronger when all you’re focusing on is just getting through each day without falling apart and letting everything go to pots. Sure, you may come out stronger, but you’re not at that place yet, and, frankly, you’re just learning how to survive.

I think when people go through extremely rough times in life, what they need is not someone who will explain their situation for them and tell them how to solve it. After all, if you who are in it don’t know how to solve your problems, how much less will they? No, what people need in rough times is someone who will stand by them and listen to them. And that could be all they do. Just listen. But listening is, I think, one of the most powerful ways to make someone feel better, even if their circumstances don’t immediately change.

Being understood means having your feelings, thoughts, and emotions acknowledged out loud and not crushed or denied by those you confide in. It feels like walking down a busy grocery aisle when someone suddenly singles you out from all the people and says, Hey! I know you! It means having someone else say out loud and acknowledge what you have been dealing with internally. And that is super healthy because sometimes, in all the mess, you can feel like no one understands or maybe even that what you’re feeling is not real. But it is, and you need someone who will acknowledge that out loud and stand by you.

To whoever is reading this, perhaps you stumbled upon it because the Lord is right now acknowledging that He sees your pain, and He is not ignoring you. Sometimes, we just don’t have the energy to look up to the Lord because we’re so weary with our issues. And our issues may even create mistrust and stop up our relationship with the Lord. There’s so much pain inside that it’s so hard to focus our attention on the Lord. But that’s ok because in our weakness, He is strong. When you don’t have the strength to press on, He will be your strength.

It is so important to have people listen to you and acknowledge your pain and troubles. But we have found that this is not enough. Because at the end of the day, we were created to have a whole relationship with the one who created us. Honestly, I could sympathize with you and listen to you and show you I understand, but if you don’t have Him to fill you up inside, you will always feel empty and be dependent on others to make you feel happy or whole. No one can do for you in a lifetime what Jesus can do for you in one second.

"Never, give up means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals."