7 Psychological tips to improve your creative thinking

There’s a fine line between confidence and over-compensation. You do want one whose self-possession ensures you’re comfortable putting him or her in front of your best clients– their balance of energy and experience should guarantee your clients take them seriously immediately.

Connect the Dots:
One proven common denominator among many successful people is their grasp on numerous, seemingly unrelated, topics. The best leaders can find parallels between disparate subjects and demonstrate how the ‘success factors’ of one discipline can inform another.

Confident Enthusiasm
Hope and enthusiasm are not strategies. A leader must have enthusiasm based on facts and knowledge. He or she must not only be committed emotionally, but must also be committed intellectually.

Strong Vision
Leaders must have a strong vision that resonates with their staff and customers. This eliminates the stress of indecision within an organization, and allows people to move forward with a like-minded mission.

Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking. You candidates must share the same high ethical values that are practiced in your corporation. It affects the standards and culture within an organization.

Evolution verses Revolution
Revolutions are rarely successful– change brought about by thoughtful “evolution” is always more productive. The best leaders appreciate what is working well, and identify the issues that are holding a company back. Then they implement their vision in a thoughtful manner that engages the entire organization.

Power of Sharing
No one wants to work for someone that has all of the answers. They want someone with a “strong vision” and an open mind on how to execute that vision. Look for someone who actively solicits others’ opinions, and is quick to praise others’ contributions to the initiative.

Be in the Moment
Someone that is too wired has a difficult time connecting with people in the workplace and in social settings. Ignoring interruptions and distractions strengthens the relationship you’re in, and rarely diminishes others.

Sense of Urgency
Although this might sound like something you would talk to your Urologist about, it is one of the most important traits to look for in a candidate. You can hire the smartest person in the world, but if they can’t move an idea, initiative, or organization forward then NOTHING happens.

Simply stated, if someone has had a lot of jobs then you cannot rely on that person’s commitment. Don’t hire them. You have to admire people who have built careers and run businesses where they have had to live with their decisions and results.

You might have never seen rude candidates getting select. It is not a place for dominating people, who get irritated at everything. Successful candidates are humble and polite, both with the assessors and the fellow candidates. Being firm in your opinion and leadership is a different thing and being rude is a different thing altogether. There is a very thin line between them.

Honesty is something which is not only a quality of a successful candidate in SSB, but also a quality of all the successful people in this world. If you are dishonest and attain success, it is certainly short lived and temporary. Honesty is SSB is not only not lying, but also not exaggerating beyond the truth. You need to tell only the right things about yourself and nothing beyond that. Say if you were only a team member of your sports team; do not say that you were that captain.

This is a subjective quality. People will take offence if you’ll tell them that they are not mature. Everybody, no matter how they are, thinks that they are mature. You might think that you are mature, but in reality you might be kiddish to somebody. In SSB they need mature people. Maturity here means that you are able to take your own decisions wisely. You are not dependent on others for your decisions, and you have a sense of right and wrong. In short you are responsible for yourself.