Recommended By 24 SSB for Indian Army AEC Entry

This article mainly deals with a candidate who got recommended by 24 SSB for Indian army through AEC entry. Let's go through his experience during the SSB interview.

I am Kapil Salimath from Pune, Maharashtra recommended by 24 SSB Bangalore through AEC entry in my 2nd attempt. Before venturing into the field of defence, I was preparing for competitive exams like Civil Services, SSC-CGL, SBI PO, etc. So I cleared AFCAT and started preparing for the SSB which was in Gandhinagar on 15/06/2015. Coaching was extremely helpful as the knowledge that I had gained in my competitive exams' preparation was not much relevant in this type of testing process. I got to learn a lot and was quite confident to compete in an arena which was much different than what I am used to. Unfortunately, I was conferenced out in the AFSB but it was surely a great learning experience and it also created a desire in me that now I have to clear the SSB interviews. I was searching for opportunities to appear for SSB again as I was running out of attempts because of my late self-actualization. And thus I learnt about AEC entry in army and got a chance to appear for the SSB on 21st Sept 2015. This time I was a calmer and composed than before as I had learnt from my previous mistake that over enthusiasm ruins your performance.One huge mistake which I previously did was to write pre-conceived stories in TAT. This time I wrote whatever came to my mind first after seeing the picture and made sure that I stick to the theme which is clearly seen in the image.

In GTO, I just made sure that I enjoy all the activities. I was quite lucky to get a fantastic group where no one created any chaos and everyone was giving the other person a good opportunity to speak. I always kept a smiling face, welcomed everyone's ideas in the GD, GPE and PGT, and focused more on building common opinion that forcing people to implement my ideas.Then on 26th Sept 2015 came the conference! As the popular myth goes, if there is gap before or after your conference or if your conference lasts for longer than usual, it is only then you have a chance of getting recommended. But in my case, there was no gap before the conference, it lasted for only 30seconds and there was no gap after it as well. So for I while I thought to myself, Better luck next time!

But when the results were declared and I heard, "Chest Number 17, Salimath Kapil Sharnayya" it was a feeling which was completely out of this world! I thought I would cry but instead I was smiling a lot because of that Euphoria.I spent more 6 Days in the selection centre for the medicals. Thankfully, I was medically fit so had no problems at all there. Made it through the merit list and now eagerly waiting to join the academy and explore my true potential.