SSB interview - Fish market situation

One of the most confusing and scary part of SSB are the GD’s. As soon as you’re SSB testing starts, you have to face a GD. There are total four times when you have to face GD in SSB. In your stage one testing as a part of your screen test you have to go through a GD, in the stage two testing you have to go through two GD’s and a GD in Group planning exercise as well so making a total of four.

The biggest reason why most of us are uncertain and sacred of GD is the situation of fish market. A fish market situation occurs when everybody in the group has enough intelligence and material to speak on the given topic but no common sense to understand that they’ll have to shut up to let others speak. I myself have faced such GD’s where the situation of fish market had raised and I couldn’t help but smile.

The reason behind why the fish market situation is funny because everybody generally keeps on saying that
“Please let us speak one by one”,
“Please let chest number so and so speak”,
“Please calm down and give your points one by one”.

So basically everybody is speaking the same thing but nobody is heard!

Do not at all panic, especially in the PPDT GD. Many candidates panic that they are not able to speak hence they’ll not get selected, so they start shouting to give their points. But think wisely, you’ll be only adding up to the chaos when you speak together.

Never speak anything when the whole group is shouting. Keep quiet and just watch them. Soon enough the assessors will ask the group to stop, if the assessors don’t ask the group to stop, soon they’ll run out of energy and stop themselves. You only think for how long can 8-10 people shout together in a synchronized manner? Not long, right?

The benefit of keeping quiet when everybody is shouting is twofold. One that you can think of points while they are busy in quarrelling themselves of ‘let chest no so and so speak’. Secondly you can just sneak out the perfect moment when their voice will be low and bang on! You can jump in the discussion with your relevant points.

Never be a reason of nuisance, so never put your head in an already boiling situation. It is strictly not advised to speak when the whole group is shouting. You can once or twice say that ‘let us speak one by one’, but do not keep repeating it.

Let others speak. This doesn’t means to ask everybody to keep quiet to let somebody who is not even ready, to speak. If anybody is speaking let them speak, do not interrupt unnecessarily. Listening is an art which you have to demonstrate there.

In any GD speaking quantity is never important, but whatever you speak should be quality stuff. Speak only relevant things. Do not repeat what has already been said.

Never rise up from your chair and do not use too many hand gestures which might look aggressive. The perfect posture is to sit straight in your chair. Have a smile on your face and look calm. You can use a little hand gesture but avoid it as far as possible.