SSB interview tricky situations

This article deals with tricky questions or situations which candidates may come across during an SSB interview along with tips on how to tackle them effectively.

  • When you enter the room you may notice that the Interviewing Officer(IO) may be speaking to someone over the phone/mobile. In such a situation just wait till he is done with the conversation then seek his permission before entering. After entering the room pleasantly greet each one present there and wait for them to ask you to take a seat.
  • Sometimes, just to distract you or make you nervous the officer may pretend that he is not interested or bored with your answer. Don’t panic - just continue with your answer without losing confidence.
  • Sometimes IO may mock your answer or be sarcastic. All you need to do in this situation is to smile and remain calm.
  • Sometimes your answer may need to be long or sequential. Again to distract you or make you forget the sequence, IO may interrupt by asking confusing questions or clarifications. In such a case answer the interrupted question first then continue with your original sequence. In case if you don’t remember the sequence remain calm and just move on to the part you remember.
  • Sometimes IO may offer you drinks/cigarette/biscuits. It is always good to politely refuse. If the officer insists you may take a call as per the situation but avoid accepting a cigarette.
  • IO endeavour would be to keep you under pressure. To this end he might ask you a personal or loaded question. Try and answer the question without displaying emotion to the extend possible.
  • The IO might ask you very personal questions such as about relationships or pornography etc. Be frank but not familiar and never try to get friendly. Limit your answer to the topic.
  • The situations may arise where you are asked a question about which you have no clue. Be honest and say so rather than making false statements.
  • The IO may want to test your sense of humour and may ask you a witty question. Try and give a witty answer if you are upto it.
  • To summarise be fully prepared and try to answer questions in original and innovative ways. Irrespective of the situation don’t lose your confidence or composure. Try to answer all the questions frankly but don’t try to become friendly with the IO. If you do not know the answer to any question be frank and say so.