SSB Perception Management, State of Mind and Focus

SSB Interview is not just like an ordinary interview in IT sectors. SSB interview gives every aspirant a unique experience which is very useful in one’s life. Facing SSB is nothing but it’s all about how you manage your perception, state of mind and focus.

Perception management
Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.Managing your perception is very important during the SSB, it is not necessary that you have to give only your positive side. Perception is off three types- positive, negative or deny. Personal interview is to know about the positive and negative side of an aspirant. So,the entire aspirant must be true to themselves as well as to the IO.

State of mind
SSB is all about expressing your intellectual level whenever you are required to do so or given a chance. Always be relax do not be tensed or panic during the interview.There is nothing in SSB, which you cannot handle. It’s all about applying yourself at the right time and place.

Regular preparation and focused approach would make you confident. Improve your listening skills, as during SSB you have to listen then act as per instructions whether it is interview, GTO or psych testing.

How does most of the candidates approach or perceive SSB. They;

  • Treat SSB like university or school examination.
  • Have fear of unknown in spite of having numerous feedbacks.
  • Perceiving stress in the environment, this leads to low-level performance.
  • Candidate displays inconsistent behaviour during the course of SSB, which he manifests from highly stressful to over confident state of mind during the course of SSB, both of these will take him nowhere. What matters is balance and consistent performance.
  • Take ideas from non- assessor, rejected or selected candidates or from books available in the market, which create lot of confusion in mind.

Managing your perception, state of mind and focus will help in doing well in SSB. What do you do ?

  • Always clarify your doubts from expert so that your perception is not confused.
  • Always perceive as shown to you and do not distort your perception whether it is TAT, WAT or GTO Tasks.
  • There is nothing in SSB that you cannot do then why have fear of unknown.
  • Learn to express 15 officers like qualities through various tasks.
  • Handle one task at a time. Do not start thinking of next tasks when first one is going on.
  • Each test and task carry equal weightage so keep on performing to achieve positive result.
  • Do not give up even if you have not done well in one technique or task.
  • Concentrate on your personal performance in relation with your group.