Story of Captain Rajat Mishra

Rajat Mishra is an Ex-Army Officer (Capt.), trained at the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA) and Indian Military Academy (IMA). After an unfortunate accident during a Military course, he lost his right arm. Life however, did not come to a standstill. The fighter spirit ingrained into him from NDA days, helped in setting high targets, and he moiled through to success. He went on to complete his 2 year MBA from the esteemed Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A). Rajat has inspired many people over the years with his story, and continues to spread the positive vibes in this second-life.

Mishra was part of Operation Rhino in 2004 conducted in collaboration with the Bhutanese army to wipe out the insurgents. "Once you are on the front there is no place for fear. It is the responsibility and patriotism which inspires you." Prestige of the job and pride for the nation drove Mishra to join the Army. His dreams shattered after the accident, but his will lived. And standing by him were his mother and sister. Armed with training from the National Defence Academy, Pune, Mishra says he learnt the gospel of life — nothing is impossible — here.

In the eight months that he spent in the Pune Military Hospital, Mishra did a rethink on life and decided to shed the olive green uniform. With a prosthetic limb, he decided to learn writing with his left hand. Within three months, he could write legibly and now he can also drive with his left hand.

"I appeared for the first time in CAT and GMAT and scored high percentage and got calls from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and IIM-A."

After 20 days at the ISB, Mishra changed his mind. "I thought two years of academic life at IIM-A will help more in building a strong foundation for my future life." He enrolled recently as a student of the 2009 batch at the post-graduate programme in IIM-A.

Book written and published "CAN I HAVE A CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE?"

Yes, my book is out there now. It has been a long persistent effort over the last couple of years (bandwidth issues and stuff like that!). It all started when a number of well-wishers suggested that I should write a book. It was an amazing experience - going back in time (right to the NDA days), remembering how events shaped up, and through to some funny and not-so-funny experiences. The book has evolved over the period. The aim was always the same - enable me to justify this 2nd life, tone was always the same - light-hearted and not preachy, and the message still remains the same - "It's all in the mind."

So, Siddhant (my fictional name) starts his journey from the NDA and traverses through the adventurous life, with every day at NDA (and IMA thereafter), moulding the pliable mind into that of an ideal Officer. Without getting into specifics, while many readers of this blog would be aware of some of the twists and turns before and after my accident (right up to IIM A), it would suffice to say that the story has elements of Inspiration, Action, Humour, Tragedy, and (ahem!) Romance.

Blurb from the back cover:
How would you feel if, one day, you wake up in a hospital to the faces of doctors and nurses? How would you react when you see your dreams shattering right in front of your eyes? And what would go through your mind when you’re barred from pursuing your passion? Crushed and devastated from within? Meet Lt. Siddhant, an epitome of courage and spirit, who woke up to all this one morning and yet remained composed, when told that his right arm has been amputated post a fateful accident. An average human would collapse, but Lt. Siddhant, an Indian Army officer asked, "Can I have a Chocolate Milkshake?"

This is the true-story of Lt. Siddhant, who when asked to shed his Olive Greens thereafter, goes on to build a successful career in the Corporate world and becomes an inspiration for many. But, how did he get there? How did he win his battle? "Can I have a Chocolate Milkshake" is a riveting tale of a man overcoming his limitations, fighting against all odds, and emerging as a winner.