The Ability To Become Officer at Defence Forces

There many aspects and passionate reasons for the present you showing interest in the forces job. Some aspects are the increase salary, the respect and name you get, with perk and privileges. Or the urge and passion to work in army and serve the motherland. It depends on personality what person has what he c things about the job etc. Its guaranteed that no person will reach any wrong element as the procedure of training is straighten and simple.

So thinking about the consequences make your decisions, like making sure you are:

  • your strong in mind and doing right.
  • be positive in what, ever you rather than being sad.
  • be healthy eat well
  • full rather than empty
  • active rather than tired

Feeling lack of energy which pushes you to achieve, is actually caused by lack of motivation even after having ability so, motivation is highly required with ability.The fear that keeps you motivated is failure to what you do and helps to achieve some stand in life.

The attitude looking towards problem or toh situation should be mature enough.If one here gets right guidance and motivation then he/she is guaranteed to be selected in SSB because no one is incapable of doing anything. One always should try to showcase their own personality instead of copying from others or showing fake one.That shows you are a real hero and defence selection gets confirmed.

Do have perspective of life as everyday is a battle and once u adopt the above qualities and is parameters makes it the only exam which takes 5 days non stop for ones selection. And this exam provides mentoring’s in every possible way needed.

Also one may come across failures too but this can be tried add many times over requires to clear but in a limited age.