These Resolutions Will Help You To Clear SSB

A firm decision to do or not to do something.As the New Year approaches everyone starts thinking of making a resolution for a good start. Similarly there are some resolutions to Defence candidates also, that must be upheld to clear SSB.Here are some of the resolutions listed below:

Time Management
Managing your time is very important. Utilise each and every minute during the preparation. Schedule your daily routines in such a way that time is been utilised without wasting in unnecessary activities.The perfect time is when you start haven’t lost any opportunity that time offers you. Learn from every moment and mark it for future.

During the preparation of SSB one must improve their confidence level, only reading SSB books or keeping your-self fit doesn’t ripe success in SSB interview. Candidate must be preparing himself/herself along with lots of self-confidence not with the attitude of over-confidence.There is nothing impossible and nothing is simple. Make strategies, plan your time, mark milestones and target them and time is yours.

Aim high
As our former President Abdul Kalam sir told “A person without aim is a crime”. So every person must have an aim in life, and must strive for the success or in achieving the goal.Gear yourself to take you to a stream where your aim is the ultimate goal and every breath is dedicated to it. Take a resolution that every second offers the opportunity to gear up your life and gives a hand to propel your aim.

Failure is the stepping stone for success
Many candidates must have failed to get recommended in the SSB interview.Some forget these failures, some regrets over them and the soldiers learn from them and from them like a lesson for life. Take resolution that every failure that you have faced in your last year of your life will not be repeated again.Always every candidate must remember that life is filled with chances. Analyse the mistakes and try to overcome in the next attempt of SSB interview.