Things Common to Every Defence Aspirant

For every aspirant of defence aspirantbeing in the armed forces is the most realistic and proud thing that one can be in- the respect you get from the society, the pride when your dad/you go out in uniform and the celebrity like feeling when everyone stares at you in that uniform.

The feelings can truly not be described. Especially, when you, yourself want to become one of it- one in the armed forces.

Respect towards Nation and National Flag
Every aspirant of defence force has aseparate respect towards the nation and national flag. Their behaviour inspires even normal person to respect it naturally. Like, standing up when the national anthem is played during a cricket match between India other nation or like watching the Republic Day parade religiously every year.

The amount of enthusiasm when the defence aspirants create around the people is always different kind of happiness.This is the identity of the defence aspirants. Where ever you go, whatever you do, your enthusiasm never goes down. You always find a way to extract happiness from the tiniest moments around.

Hard work truly refers only to the defence aspirants.They never given keep up their task without completing it.A little hard work now and it will be a bright future ahead!” And you get back on track preparing to join the forces.

The closeness you feel when you come through someone belonging to the defence background too
You feel like you know them and have already met them a long ago. There’s no formality between you too, not even a formal introduction. Because you know that it’s going to last forever.

Important moment in the battle field
Every aspirant has different experience to remember during the battle. Each and every aspirant likes to share their experience, excitement and sorrow. They proudly say that they were fighting for nation and also inspire others to join the defence.