Things Common To Every Fauji Kid

Civil life is always different from military life.The work profile is different, the working conditions are different and pretty much everything is completely distinct to the civil life. So it’s pretty obvious that the fauji kids must also be different to the civil kids. They have a different personality altogether. You can easily identify a fauji kid when you see one. The reasons maybe many but the one which is most influential is that they are brought up in a completely different style and way. So, they might have certain things which are common among them.

Home is where the Armed Forces send you
There is no clear definition of a home. It’s not static. It’s not permanent. Being with your father, mother and siblings is what home is for the fauji kids.

The Pride
The pride is something that is innately within us. We are proud of our fathers, for what they do. We are proud of our mothers who remain so strong, always. And we are proud of ourselves.

Uniforms are like part and parcel of life fauji kid’s life. We see our parents’ seniors and juniors in uniforms from time to time and it’s all very natural for us. We don’t just see the uniform, we can instantly tell the Arms/Services and the Rank of the Armed Forces Personnel.

Changing schools
This is the best part ever. Fauji kids’ keep changing their school according to the transfer of their parents. They meet new people make new friends and travel new places around India.

Missing father’s love
Fauji kids’ has to stay without talking to their father for few days or few weeks sometimes it may be for years. It is difficult to contact them because they may be posted in remote area sometimes or when they have to go on Temporary Duties (TDs) on a short notice or maybe because they are in the middle of an ambush somewhere.

Heroism is a part of our lives
The impressive guests who drop by the house to visit, the amazing people their parents get to tell them about, the larger-than-life people and incredible stories of acts of valour are so common to fauji kids.

Our mothers play dual roles
When the fauji fathers aren’t around, the mothers not only have to take care of the children but also compensate for the absence of the fathers. In my opinion, the fauji kids have the strongest mothers in the whole world.

The mess parties
Every fauji kid has been to at least one of these. The aunties and uncles talking about topics that you wouldn’t get to hear anywhere else. The Army Band playing songs, uncle and aunties singing, children sitting in one room glued to the television!

Most of the cities have a personal significance for us
Since the Fauji families have to move around a lot, every fauji kid has at least one significant memory of every station that they’ve been to. The cities on the map each have a story to tell.