Things every Defence Aspirants hates

Defence aspirants you are a rare blood. The moment you decided that you want to dedicate some best part of your life to prepare for SSB, a lot of things changed (for good). As a defence aspirant, there are a few things which you might dislike.

  • Being a defence aspirant, u feel annoying or irritated when you see a person not respecting or responding when the national anthem is sung or heard.
  • When a defence aspirant notices there is a coating of tri-colour on roads, obviously his faces turns red and hates it the core.
  • Every defence aspirants hates when someone ill-treats his own country and talk rubbish about defence without a clear idea about the army.
  • The main issue which every defence aspirants under go and hates to the core is when their relatives talks about their results and marks in the rally.
  • Every defence aspirants go mad when someone comments on their defence marks sheet.And the worst is telling us to give up and try a different career option! Everyone must know that getting recommended at the first attempt at the rally is not easy.
  • Try! Try! Try! Till you succeed is the great boosting proverb where the entire defence aspirants believe in. when their relatives or friends try to comment on their situation they hate it to the core.
  • When a person with inadequate knowledge about SSB gives a lecture on defence, and tries to bring the aspirants down, this is the worst situation every defence aspirant hates.