Tips for SSB repeaters

Jobs in Defence have such a charm that we never want to quit trying even when we have failed in our previous attempts. This gives rise to a term “Repeater”. Repeaters are such a class of people, who feel that they are the most underprivileged people on this earth.All the aspirants must be aware who are called the repeater in SSB. People who do not get recommended are termed with this nomenclature and they are formed a part of separate group in next visit so that they can compete with the people with similar experience.

Trust yourself
Always trust yourself.You can do it. Go for it. Many of us face pressure from family after being unsuccessful in few attempts; don’t lose the trust in you.Success is might be delayed but it never happens that it doesn’t arrives at all.

Analyse your mistakes in your previous attempts.Avoid idealistic responses. Think about practical solutions. Note down your corrections and practice it daily.

The positives and the negatives
First and the foremost separate you from the positive thoughts and negative thoughts. Try to overcome the negative thoughts. And keep firm on positive thoughts.Some of you might be lacking in public speaking, some might be lacking in interview so take corrective measures and work on your weaknesses.

Stay away from the ‘Myths’
Don’t listen to the rumours or myths that spread like a virus about the SSB repeaters.They want OLQ’s when they see them in you they select you, when they don’t they do not select you. It’s as simple as that. So have hope and stay positive.

Dealing with your group
During GTO, as everyone tries hard to get screened in. because only repeaters are selected separately and they are made into a group. Everyone tries very hard to show their talent.It happens that repeaters group contains people who are in a do or die situation, all want to crack it this time and all are experienced, hence the GT series where you have to work as a group becomes very tough. You just have to maintain you cool and be very balanced while the GT series.