Verbal Expression and Physical stamina

Verbal expression and physical fitness is the most important officer like qualitiesas perceived by most of the candidates because they understand only these qualities. Verbal expression is part of power of expression, which includes written as well as verbal and same is the case with physical stamina and mental stamina they both are part of stamina. Considering all this, both these qualities are five per cent of total no. qualities.Both verbal expression and physical fitness comes in the category of highly trainable.

Verbal Expression

  • It is a mean of communicating your ideas and thoughts.
  • It is not a reason of rejection or selection as all qualities are equally important.
  • Selecting a candidate is always based on the communication from each and every task.In some of the tasks, you have to speak or act or write and everywhere it is expression, which helps you in demonstrating right qualities at the right place and right task.
  • The most important factor for a candidate to show his communication skill only through his fluent language. Talking or communicating through fluent language is always a must. Many people around India might join in the armed forces, communicating with all them, needs your communication skills. That is how you form a unity during the war.

Physical Fitness

  • Physical fitness is a coordination of mind and limbs, which helps you in performing your tasks.
  • You do not require six packs for SSB little effort prior to facing SSB is good enough to face SSB.
  • Tasks and obstacles are designed for untrained candidates irrespective of age and sex.
  • Physical fitness will make you confident in handling group tasks, obstacle course and snake race.
  • It is highly trainable and effort of few days will make you perform effectively.