Ways to Build a Suitable Personality for Armed Forces

Here are the some points explained below how to make a suitable personality can be improved for armed forces.

Honesty is the best policy
Honesty in behaviour keeps the things crystal clear and imposes your perfect image on others.An officer must have the quality of being honesty. A bluffer cannot be an officer. Officer’s main quality is being honesty. Once if the faith is lost on you, then gaining them is very difficult. So avoid bluffingcompletely.

Let your action speak louder than your voice
Many people have a problem of speaking proudly about themselves. This type of behaviour must bechanged. Wherever you go your action must speak than words. Just talking won’t help you in your success, your action is been analysed in SSB than your words.In SSB your actions, mind and words are analysed to decide your perfectness for the services.

Think practically and positive
An officer may have several conditions and situations in his life which may lead him/her to be broken. Only practical thinking and staying positive will help an officer to come out of the difficult situations.

Spend some extra time on your hobby
One can be judged by their hobbies.Not only can judged, spending extra time on your hobbies may improve your personality skills, makes you perfect in which you are good at etc. there some hobbieswhich may waste your time and make you lose interest on other good things. There are some other hobbies which is called productive hobbies like tracking, gathering technical knowledge etc. which may improve your intellectual skill.

Control your temper
An officer must know how to control his/her temper it may be any situation or circumstance.Your coordination with your team should be in a humble, coordinated and calm state. Try to solve problems in casual life without losing temper.

Confidence should be the primary thing to carry
If a person decides to achieve something, the first thing he has to carry with him is the confidence.Your mind should always keep a motto on top that nothing is impossible for you. Then you can easily track new ways to reach your destination. One should never lose confidence whatever the situation it may occur.

Curiosity helps you to take you to next level
Your risk, responsibility, stamina and determination to complete the work are the factor that expandsyour experience.Curiosity is the factor which helps you to get into the next level. Always don’t be satisfied with whatever you have done,always have a mentality of thinking beyond the limitations. This thinking capacity takes you to next level even your performance.

Make the task done on time
Whatever the situation is, you try to finish the task assigned to you may be on or in time.No matter how and why, your eye should be at the end of the task. Be a leader, operate your men, and make them to do the task as per your plan and stay involved in the task.Armed forces expect their men’s to be strong in the task assigned to them. Completing a task is not so easy. One must need complete courage and confidence in order to make it done.