What An Aspirant Should Have To Clear SSB ???

Service Selection Board exam is different from other exams. In SSB the expectations and mentality of the IO is totally different. All they expect is to select a perfect candidate to the armed forces. The questions asked from the basic qualities of an aspirant. They are many rumours spread out in the air that SSB exams and interviews are very tough to get screened in but the fact is that the aspirants don’t match IO expectation level.Though there are a lot you need to have for clearing the SSB but if a general and mild workout is done on you, you hold a better chance to do that.The other most important thing to be aware of is the issues going around globally. First comes the national issues, boundary issues, two nation’s conflict then comes the international issues.Rest SSB is a very simple exercise where the officers try to study the synchronisation between your mind, heart and body. If all three are properly synchronised you are the perfect choice for the forces.

The various tests which conducted during your stint at SSB will test these three things only. The screening test is just the gateway to check the mental health and to reduce the crowd and unwanted elements. The non-serious crowd is removed here. The people who stay after getting screen in will be tested for their mind, body and heart. The following is the way:

  • The GTO round simply tests the action of the body on the basis of your thought process which is generated in your mind and heart.
  • The psychological rounds are designed so as to test the ability of thought process that goes in your mind while seeing the things.
  • The Interviewer will check how you are at heart and the synchronisation with what you speak matches with your body or not.

At last day of the interview, when the results are announced don’t get panic. For each and every round the aspirant must reach the cut-off marks each round and each assessor should individually recommend you for getting selected finally.SSB are known to change the tests now and then so that only perfect people cross the boundary and get selected.