What Assessors Look At SSB Candidates?

Assessors always look at the standard qualified candidates into the armed forces.The assessors have hard time in rejecting people because they do not match the standards. If someone would say that to be an officers the standards are very high I would reject that statement because they just look for 15 OLQ’s in a person who can become officer. Having these 15 OLQ’s is also not a big deal because everyone has it. The difference is that certain people identify them while certain do not because of the lack of guidance.Some people consider SSB as a free trip or a picnic where they would be paid for the trip while some have overheard the strict evaluation at SSB and they get rejected because of the fear. Only some serious aspirants reach there and get recommended. The process of assessing at SSB is really holistic where everyone is looking for perfection.Qualities can be developed through:

  • Positive thinking
  • Family background
  • Social circle
  • Educational background

Assessors are looking for OLQ’s along with body language, confidence, voice, tone modification. Every one may be in great confusion that how to crack SSB? How to develop the qualities required for SSB? The best tool that has been identified for development of OLQ’s is SELF INTROSPECTION.

Rather than self-introspection there are other factors also which is mostly needed to develop the qualities to be recommended for armed forces.

Preparation time: Schedule your time according to your favour and make it has a daily routine.The preparation as such needs less time but the learning’s that come need time for implementation in personality. So at least a month should be there for preparation.

Self-introspection: First and the foremost knowing about youare most important. Analyse your positive and negative points, then try to overcome the negative points through daily practice. This study will provide the base for further preparation as it gives strength and weakness as output along with the degree of presence.

Implementing your hard work and reflecting them back:Start practicing all the fields which are mostly needed to get recommended in the armed forces.Once the profiling is done one should now practice the various rounds of SSB so that the personality found and that reflected from whatever one speaks/ writes / performs is similar and both of them matches perfectly. Our personality and what is reflected should be similar. This rule applies to ever round as they are interested to just see the potential of being an officer in you.

The most important factor of all the above is to stop believing in myths which are spread about SSB.Also one should seek right guidance. Tackle the problems rightly at SSB and reflect your true self. SSB is the easiest exam one can give as there is nothing to prepare about. You are the best person who knows about yourself. So spend proper time in knowing yourself and achieve your dream to serve the nation. Prepare well, don’t be panic, assure with right guidance, if you are not attending any coaching classes then go through the blog which tells you about SSB.