What matters in PIQ Form ?

Personal Information Questionnaire is a form which is made to be filled by the candidates when they get screened-in after the first round. It is a form which contains various columns which help the psychologist to form a basis of the personality of the candidate and the Interviewing officer to form the basis of the personal interview.Also your interview can be totally based on this form, and if not also, then too it plays a major role in your interview, as the officer will form a skeleton of your personality fairly on the basis of this form.You should take a note from here on that your handwriting and neatness matter a lot. First impressions last and your handwriting will form the first impression in this case. To begin with the specifics matter, which means that you need to be an aware person, awareness here refers to your surroundings. So you must be in a position to write the approximate population of the city you mention in your address. Similarly your parent’s occupation, salary, your percentage and all these things. Basically information is power, and here you need to fill in the correct information. You may wonder how they can know whether you are telling the truth or not, it’s your personal information.Your achievements matter. If you don’t have any, just recall everything, I am sure you’ll find something. Everybody is good in something. You need to list your achievements in chronological manner, write the year too. You can begin with the latest and end with the oldest or vice versa. However if you have too many achievements then avoid writing very trivial one’s as it may dilute the effect of the bigger ones. Next thing which matter the most in PIQ is your position of responsibility held.