Why you should join Indian Army ?

Unlike many other jobs Army offers you to face various challenges and adventures in your life. Those challenges could be in form of working in frizzy cold of Siachen Glacier or Burning heat of Rajasthan. Particularly Army offers you wide range of adventure sports like River Rafting and Horse Riding. So it's challenging aspect could be one of the factors that might be driving you towards defence.

Games and Sports
Army/Navy/Air Force offers you various indoor and outdoor games that you can play during your service. Games are important part of defence you may get a chance to represent your unit or maybe you are better enough to make it up to the services team.

Gaining New Experience
In defence you will be posted to a new location after every three to five years, you will meet new people and will get to see new places this will help you in learning new things. India is a country where the language changes even after few kilometres so a different location will give you rich experience.

Salary/Perks/Canteen/Medical facility
Army offers a five digit salary even to young officers apart from salary you will be entitled to avail Canteen and Medical facilities. Salary is an important aspect of any Job. However this is not the only thing to watch out for, but it will be good to acknowledge this in your answer but not in starting.

You will have option to go for higher education, Army takes care of that. Your children will get to study in good schools. Medical facility can be availed by your entire family.

Childhood Dream
Many candidates have a childhood dream of donning uniform; if you are one of those then you can mention that as well. However if joining defence is someone’s childhood dream then he/she must have some knowledge about Rank, Units, Regiments and Weapons detail.

Social Respect
As we all know Army men receives a special respect social respect which they rightly deserves and its only possible to get such social respect by joining Army.

Post-Retirement Benefits
There are a number of post retirement facilities in Defence jobs. These include medical and Canteen facility. If you take early retirement then there are ex-servicemen recruitment cell that will assist you to get another job.

Many candidates say they want to get power, I would suggest replace your word power with responsibility. As an officer you will have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities, many individuals find responsibilities as a burden while others enjoy handling them. You will be responsible for safeguarding our nation.

Reasons to join Indian Army as an Officer:

  • Professional Advancement
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Job Security
  • Economic Stability
  • Excellent Social Status
  • Quality of Life
  • Variety and Adventure
  • Foreign Courses and Posting
  • Post-Retirement Benefits
  • Various Training Programs
  • Professional Enhancement